What are waivers?

Waivers are our binding legal agreement between members and the club. They're basically there so you don't sue us.

Do I have to sign one?

Yes, everyone is required to sign a waiver before they're officially a member and can participate on TTC trips.

Where can I sign a waiver?

If you need to sign a waiver please see our secretary or treasurer at the Monday Night Meetings. Or print one out here and give it to us in person on Monday Night.

Why does TTC require dues?

Dues are contributed to buying new gear and maintaining current gear which are available to all TTC members in our off campus storage facility.

Is it required?

Yes, all members must pay dues in order to go on TTC trips(excluding Trail Maintenance Trips)

How much is it and where do I pay?

Dues are 10$ and is payable by cash currently.
Cash: See the treasurer at the Monday Night Meetings

What is the LISTSERV?

This is our main form of communication outside of Monday Night Meetings. The main function is to inform members of upcoming trips and signing up for trips.

How do I sign up?

Sign up by emailing announce-join@terrapintrailclub.org. Afterwards you will be responded with a automated email that will prompt you to register and sign up on our LISTSERV.

Do I have to sign up?

Technically no, but this is the only way of signing up for trips so it's pretty much necessary