Ramsey's Draft Wilderness

West Augusta, Virginia

Apr 29 05:30 AM - Apr 30 06:00 PM

Total spots: 5, Spots left: 1

Experience Level: Intermediate

Hey everyone!

I'm leading a backpacking trip to Ramsey's Draft Wilderness. It's about 16 miles and we'll only be doing one night. 

The plan is to get up early and drive down to the hike in Virginia (leaving at like 5/5:30 in the morning) and hike all day. Camp that night, and hike back to the car in the morning. 

We probably won't be back until late evening on Sunday, but the trail is really fun. 
I haven't decided if I should provide food or have you do it yourself. So at the pre-trip we can just take a vote.

Trip Leader's Email:

Pretrip at Armory Room 0135 on Apr 10 07:25 PM

Cost: $0

Status: Open